Hi, I'm Brett.

The image below came with my SquareSpace demo.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Yeah, that's not me, but ...

... she looks cooler than I do, and I like what she did with the wall back there. I think I'll just talk about that wall like it's mine, and if you like the story I tell, you can contact me and we can talk about "the real Brett Dixon" ...

See that clock back there? It tells time, sure. But clocks also remind me that time is precious, and should never be wasted, except for when there are lots of good links on Facebook that day, and stuff. As you can see, I also love photography. My father is a hunter, so that picture of a skull reminds me to call Dad every once in a while. I don't ride motorcycles, but one of my favorite bands is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, which you never would've guessed. My point? Photography is subjective and things aren't always as they seem. Pretty neat, right? 

One time I got drunk and listened to 5 songs in a row, then ran into a big metal bar. It was raining out. 

That's my room! Thanks!




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